'Les Copains d'Hugo'

The UBI Ltd. team is particularly proud to have supported the ‘The friends of Hugo’ charity on the occasion of its sixth edition of the Gala dinner, on October 7TH 2017 . We wanted to thank the founder, our partner and friend Angelo Da Costa (Cabinet Luso Conseils) who has given us the chance to support this great charity

  • Support through Culture and Sport.

‘Les Copains d’Hugo’ is a charity which helps children living in the centre of Portugal. The charity contributes in improving the living conditions of children in their shelters by renovating their homes, creating new bathrooms, games rooms, sleeping accommodation & organising Holidays. This great charity also supports children with their education by the purchasing of new school furniture, stationery, books, establishing creative workshops and including new vehicles.


  • A solidarity and friendly project

More than 300 people gathered for this gourmet dinner hosted by the columnist and humourist Rémi Marceau (laughter & songs). Fundraising carried out during this event will allow the association to continue supporting disadvantaged children in the future shelters of Portugal. This night also enabled members of the association to present the programmes already accomplished in many centres. We are eager to see the future projects of the ‘Les Copains d’Hugo’and look forward to the next event.

For more informations, we invite you to like and share the Facebook page of ‘Les Copains d’Hugo’