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PNO (Buildings)

Coverage for all homeowners

PNO (Buildings)

This type of policy is addressed both to owners of real estate or real estate entities and to management trustees. Under these contracts, we are also able to charge aggravated property risks as a result of past claims or aggravating neighbourhoods.

Its purpose is to cover, among other things, the damage caused by installations and equipment in the absence of responsible tenants. It guarantees a cover equivalent to the multi-risk dwelling for the landlord lessor.

This insurance will fill the gap between the insurance of the co-ownership and that of the tenant – which is compulsory. It is therefore in the interest of the non-occupying owner to insure himself in order to cover his liability in the event of construction defects, lack of maintenance or disturbance of use, guarantees “tenant’s recourse” and “disturbance of enjoyment”.

It can also guarantee its liability to neighbours and third parties by an insurance called “recourse of neighbours and third parties”.